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Catlike Thief, She Stole Air from My Lungs.

I’m afraid it’s time I’ve left you. I’ve been slowly working away from this blog, and I’m just not in it anymore. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the comments, maybe I’ve just moved on. Regardless, I must go. I do not belong here in my past any longer.

Enjoy your life, all of you.

My best wishes,

The Cartographer

Baby You, You got My Sunshine.

this is what being careful does to a person. it sets them up exactly where they are supposed to be at exactly the right time. if i wasn’t fighting with this person, then maybe i wouldn’t have spoken to this other person. if i was out with them, then i would have never been home to run into him. i am breathing despite all the chaos that whirls around me. it must be that whole “calm before the storm” . and if not, then maybe i can just see through the craziness these days. maybe i can just see the things that matter these days.

Who are We to be Emotional? Who are We to Play with Hearts and Throw Away it all?

maybe i should have accepted his poorly thought out apology. maybe because he finally decided to text me after countless months and useless crying sessions, he really meant it. or maybe he just wanted to hang out with us and knew i wouldn’t want to see him. or maybe he knows that he’s leaving in 2 weeks and wants all his affairs in order.

[“i wish you luck with the rest of your life and whatever you strive to be when you decide it. here’s your backpack, please never speak to me again.”]