this was what i was talking about, needing to open my heart to something different. it was one of the moments that you would see in movies. there was a crowd out on the field; dusk had just hit. we were lighting candles for service and i was greeting people i hadn’t seen in some time. he was on the other side of the group, his smile reached from ear to ear as he waved. it had been a little over a year since i had seen or heard from him, and he looked very much the same but older. i crossed the group and went to his side. we talked for a little before going our separate ways. seeing him was nice, but had i not seen him again i don’t think i would have thought anything of it. i texted him later, and as if our lull over the last year hadn’t existed, he responded with the overwhelming enthusiasm i was used to.

we star-gazed in the middle of a dark neighborhood we didn’t know. it was something different, unplanned. something i can’t quite explain. the silence was comfortable but the conversation was addicting. the sky was crystal clear, not like any night i had seen in a long time.

what if i had gone to that party? what if i had decided not to go out? what if i hadn’t been bold enough to insist to see him before he went away? it doesn’t matter, because it happened. and as the stars shot across the sky, i realized it was very much like fate.


“The worst you could do, is be my best. Love is damned. Love is blessed.”