i’m supposed to be careful. i’m supposed to be nice and kind and treat you like a king. why is that? why is it that i’m the one in charge of keeping you happy? while you just keep me chained. i don’t want this. i haven’t wanted this in a very, very long time and yet you keep trapping me. no, i didn’t bring you to that party, because we aren’t dating. no, it’s more than that, it’s because i didn’t want you to be there. because i wanted to have fun, and dance with my friends and not feel like you were going to get jealous. so instead you get angry, because i didn’t want to invite you to a place where you would have hung on me the whole time.. goodness, how old are you?! i wanted to have a good time and when you’re around, i can’t because you’re so busy judging me that i’m suffocated. i really don’t want this anymore, and i’ve even told you so, which is shocking even to me. it’s like suddenly i’ve grown a backbone around you. and you’re attracted to it, but it enrages you. how dare i speak to you in such a tone, because obviously you would never deserve such behavior. oh give me a break!

you can’t hold on to me anymore, so let me go.