It can’t be an easy thing to hear from someone. To hear them strain to tell you they’re done, that there’s nothing left of them because they gave you everything. It must actually hurt the other person to no end if they still feel anything for that person.

I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I just wanted you to understand how I can’t go back to last summer. I wanted you to understand that even when I told you years ago that I wouldn’t leave you, no matter what, that you could stop testing that theory. That you could stop pushing me away and hurting me just to see if I really meant what I told you I really meant. And you heard me, or it seems like you did. You told me that we could go back to last summer when all you wanted to do was make me happy. And I’d love that, because I don’t get mad at people, not the way I do with you. I don’t blame you for that, but you can’t keep doing what you’re doing. I loved you once, I remember it and every now and again I remember the feelings and smiles and it warms that place in my heart where I left you. A part of me knows that we can’t work unless you change completely, but then what would there be for me to love?

Do you know that one thing that would make me happiest? Hearing you sing.