This is an ode to the best friend. To the people who drop what they’re doing to come to your aid. Here’s to the friends who are woken up at an ungodly hour with drunk dials. To the people who leave the movie early to rush Ben and Jerry’s over to the broken hearted voice on the other end of the phone. This is for that time when they drove to your house at midnight because you had a fight. They sat outside in your driveway for hours because you refused to answer the phone and just speak to them. Here’s to the best friends that take you out for “dates” when you’re lonely. To the times when your wallet is just as empty as your stomach and they smile and tell you to just “forget about it”. The one’s who spend countless hours outside the fitting room listening to you whine that nothing fits. For the times that they were your sober buddy so that you could drink in peace. And when they then proceeded to hold your hair back while you puked after that way-too-wild night. This is for those endless walks so that you can work out the problems in your head. And for the times when they make a fool of themselves to make you feel comfortable. This is for the friends that will dance in the rain, lie under the stars, or scream in public.

You are the kind of friend that everyone needs, but not many people get. You are just a kind hearted, open minded, passive person willing to bend over backwards for the people you love. You deserve the very best, and sometimes those friends you take such good care of, forget that. But this is a short thank you for all that you do. This is my way of reminding you that you are appreciated. So here is a toast to you, the best friend, the kind of person everyone hopes to be.