This is going to sound stupid. Like really stupid because you’ve said how you don’t do relationships… over and over again. But there’s something about you. Something that I can’t help but find fascinating. To the point in which I have this regrettable pull towards you. Not that I don’t want to see you, but I don’t like how strong my craving is. And maybe I’m reading too far into everything, much like women do, but there’s something here. Or.. I think there’s something here. Maybe you don’t feel it, but you react to it, whatever ‘it’ is. You’re drawn to this just as much as I am, or you wouldn’t appear around the corner all too often. And I’ve been dying to say something because I feel like I can’t end whatever assumptions I’ve been making in my head without a direct answer from you. So put me out of my misery, tell me that my blue is different from your’s, unless you plan to make a picture out of this.