so this morning i had a strange dream.. i researched it on google because i found it to be relatively disturbing, but there’s nothing there. anyone know what this may mean? [WARNING: not for those that get squeamish about blood]

i was laying on the floor and suddenly i felt something warm streaming down my arm. i picked my head up. there were a few more drips that hit my arm. what is going on? i thought touching my head and glancing at my hands for signs of blood. nothing.. strange. i looked up towards the ceiling, it wasn’t coming from there. suddenly i felt it, what felt like warm water coming down the side of my jaw, i reached up and touched my ears. i could feel the blood oozing from each ear and leaving traces of it on my palm. i had work in half an hour and i was concerned i wouldn’t make it. i called, explaining what was going on and said i would be in late, they agreed. it was a bug that had lodged itself into my brain and was slowly killing me. surprisingly, i didn’t act as if i was dying. it was as if i was getting all my plans in order and tying all the loose ends of my life, until eventually, i woke up.


pleasant right? obviously i’m sure there is more to it, but i don’t remember it anymore. anyone know anything about dream analyzing?