This is useless. I am very sorry dear. I am very sorry sweet, sweet stranger. I am very sorry that I led you to realize how well we would work. And even more sorry for the one who loves me. But I cannot return those feelings… to any of you.

I am sorry that you fell for me a few moments too late. I am sorry that I hadn’t considered you because we would fit so nicely.

I am sorry that you found me at this stage where I am so absolutely tongue-tied by someone else. Because you, sweet stranger, are a glorious human being.

I am sorry that we spoke for so long about the things we were interested in, the things that we would like to do with our lives some day. I am sorry that you find me so “tragically beautiful”.

I am sorry that when you spotted me at the gym you were so awestruck. I am sorry that you find me to be so different than those other girls. I am not so different, or perhaps I am, but you should not glance in my direction, there is no point.

I am sorry that he is so stuck in my head; still. Most of all, I am sorry that I’m trying so hard to convince myself that he is not worth the time…. because I know that’s not the truth.


If you were to leave
Fulfill someone else’s dreams
I think I might totally be lost