Ace Enders. I went to a concert of his yesterday. It was truly amazing, not that that surprises me anymore. But do you know when songs just strike chords? Like the words are something you’ve been ignoring for a little too long and now you’re really hearing them. Like you just kept pushing them back farther and farther into your head but now they’re screaming in your face. Well hello words, I hear you. Yes hello, it’s been a while, I should have listened. I should have done something quite some time ago and gotten my answer, now things are much too late. Because you silly, silly girl: you won’t hear from him. Welcome to summer, go get lost somewhere else. You’ll see him in the fall and things won’t sparkle like they used to. Don’t be disappointed, he told you from the get-go that he didn’t do relationships and we both know you don’t either. You could be happy together if you found each other before you both became so jaded. But you didn’t, you’re rusty and bruised and afraid of getting too close. You both are. So as much as you want this, you have to work for it, and neither of you are willing to seem as fragile as you are.

We always knew that you were better. I don’t want you to love me anymore.