i like you. it’s actually really stupid because i can’t explain why. maybe it’s your hair or your eyes or your face. or maybe it’s that way you sit in the hall and when i walk by, you look up. and i watch you from the corner of my eye as you stare. and i want so badly to stare back, but i stop myself. or maybe it’s when you walk in the room and you do something loud or clumsy almost on purpose so that you catch my attention. but the truth is you already have it. or maybe it’s something simple, like wanting to hold your hand through the bad parts. and to hide my face in your chest when i’m scared. or to drive in your truck, windows down, your mixtape blurring with the trees as they fly by and my hair getting whipped by the wind. and maybe it’s that even when you’re driving you steal glances and tease me for the paint that’s in my hair. maybe it’s not your hair or your eyes or your face. maybe it’s not so hard to explain. maybe this is something simple. maybe it’s just you and what you do to me.