things are okay. so the weather is crappy and school was cancelled and i feel like i’m slowly falling behind things are still okay. i feel okay and sometimes people make me smile. like really smile, as if things are perfect.

but i’ve grown up since i started this blog [which is a funny thing to say] and i mean it when i say i like things better when they’re messy. i like it when i have to fix things and when the pieces don’t fit perfectly. and i’m sure that’s a strange concept to some, and to others it will make sense in an odd way.

and sometimes some people are worth holding on to. sometimes it’s okay to grab hold of the people you love and refuse to let go. because people don’t always realize what they want or what they mean so they need someone to fight them when they’re wrong. and it’s okay to grow apart from people that were once inseparable from you. people change, it’s not their fault and it’s not wrong of them, it’s a fact of life that’s meant to be accepted.

but today you were that boy i once loved in hushed tones. today you showed me that you’re still here every so often and that you still love me in those same hushed tones. so until we collide again; know that i love you very much. and be sure to tell him the same, even if it’s not true right now.