I don’t understand something, and I know every once and a while someone actually reads these silly thoughts. So please, if you’re out there…. help me out, seriously.

Have you ever spoken to someone who sounds so utterly hopeless that it hurts you? Someone who is so sure that someone needs to save them that they forget they are fully capable of saving themselves? Because there’s this boy, who is combination of a hopeless romantic and and a nervous wreck. He just so happened to find this girl, who has probably the worst supergirl-complex ever heard of. You see, I want to save him from his life, honestly I do. But I can’t, he has to do it himself. I know he’s having a hard time… I do but I can’t change that.

What do I do? I don’t want to be one more mess in his life but I can’t reconstruct him myself. It’s not my job.