people disgust me. the idea of a relationship disgusts me. i don’t know why i yearn for one so badly at times. truth be told, i have never heard anyone speak highly of the person they’re with.

at one point, i spent hours convincing this shithead of a guy, who had insisted it was me he wanted to be dating, that he loved his girlfriend. “no, she’s a stupid bitch. she makes me miserable. i hate everything about her.” today, his facebook is loaded with pictures of the girl he swore he had nothing good to say about. the girl who, he was positive, he not only never loved but asked out for the fear of being alone.

alone. what a cold and harsh word that is these days. as if being alone makes your life any less meaningful. as if it destroys your chances of being a decent human being worth remembering. i don’t think it’s a terrible thing at all. it’s when people mix the feelings of loneliness into the idea of being alone. those aren’t the same concept, different definitions entirely.

a person can be surrounded by a crowd of people and still feel lonely. on the other hand, a person could be alone and perfectly content.

i’m not saying i wish to be alone forever, i merely mean that my singularity gives me peace. i merely mean that i have the ability of caring for many people at once. and now, i don’t want those of you in relationships to get defensive. i don’t mean that you only care for your partner. i’m only saying that many of my friends, tend to date crazy chicks who demand they are the only girl in there life. at all. and that i have dated many, extremely jealous boys. are they all like that? no, of course not. it’s just my experience.