I wonder if it bothers you. I wonder if you’re aching to hear from me. I’m a jealous type of stubborn. I won’t talk to you, refuse to actually, but seeing other people get the attention that once was mine… it angers me. Which is just ridiculous. But I will not break, I won’t say one word. Aside from right here, I won’t even mention it bothering me. Deep down it does, but I only miss you when someone else has your attention, your attraction.

And maybe you do miss me, but maybe you don’t. And maybe we will fix this, but maybe we won’t. Maybe it’s just easier to be apart, but maybe we’re just too stubborn to realize we’d be happy together. Regardless of the maybes, regardless of what should be, could be, or might have been. This is what is. You are who you are. I am who I am. And I’m not looking to change you. Or to have you change me. This is it. Are you ready?