I was a junior in high school and I knew who I was and what I wanted. How many 17 year olds could say that? I’ll tell you it’s not many..

November rolled around and I applied to one school. It was the only school I wanted to go to and I knew I would get in. How could I not? It was like fate. Ever since that damn Augustana song came out, I swore to the world that I was going to go to Boston. And by December, it was true. I was in and I was happy. For once in my cynical life, I was horribly, disgustingly happy.

Who knew by the same time next year, I’d be back here. I’d be stuck back in the exact place that I was so happy to escape. Now that I’m on my way to graduating and looking for yet another school, I realize the fates haven’t been so kind. I may never get out. I may never even go back. I might never become the one thing I was actually sure of.

That sucks, doesn’t it? That life barely ever gives you an in. It’s never easy. It may never be simple.