1. Do you wish anyone would read your blog?

    Like any specifically?
    I don’t know, maybe. Maybe just to see if they cared what I thought about them. But I feel like I’d have to delete it soon afterwards..
    And if you mean anyone as in absolutely anyone:
    I guess it would be nice. Again, that wasn’t exactly the premise behind the blog to begin with, but it has brought in some views as far as I can see.
    More than viewing, I’d like to hear from people though.

  2. Why don’t you use names in your blog?

    Well, to be honest, the blog wasn’t created to bash anyone. It was just a place where I could store my thoughts technologically. I mean sure, there are journals I could write in, or word documents for the more high tech =P
    But I wanted to see if people would read my thoughts. If my thoughts were similar to anyone else’s. A social experiment I suppose you could say..


As promised, here are the first two questions on the formspring. ^.^ I’m glad people are really out there, I was starting to think I was alone in cyberspace. Go ahead, ask more!