Have you ever thought about how your life would play out as a movie? Like whether it would be a comedy or a romance or something that brings about sadness?

I walked past an adorable couple sitting at a table in a cafe. As the girl enthusiastically told some story that I’m sure wasn’t nearly as exciting as her hand gestures; the boy leaned forward, elbows on the table his chin in his hands. He just looked so in love. I smiled, so much so that I felt my eyes squint. Then my heart¬†plummeted. Where was that in my life? Was I so blind that it’s been there all along? Or have I just not yet found it? I can’t decide.

So going back to my first point, what makes that scene so different than that of a movie? You know, where the girl just lost the boy, or vice versa and now they felt empty. Lonely. But I don’t feel that way so often, only some days. And who’s watching this whole thing unfold? Where will I end up at the end of it all?

Has my movie even begun? Or is this part of the out takes?