Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. a movie far beyond what mere words can describe.

the smartest thing i could have done was to watch it early in the morning. my mind can wrap around such things in the darker hours. i’d beg to make him disappear from my mind. it’d be a great vacation but deep down i know once those people began erasing him, i’d fight like hell to hide him somewhere safe. i could never give him up. i want to so badly. i want to be the person who means she’s okay when she says so. i just can’t. he’s a terror. he’s the kind of man every woman should run clear away from. i just can’t.

…i just won’t.


“When I like a person, I actually like them.
It’s not one of those three day crush type
things. It is hardcore, can’t get my mind off
them, thing. And that’s why I haven’t liked
all that many people. But I eventually get
over them when I find someone new. But
with him, no matter who I find, I can’t erase
him. He’s going to be the one I’ll always like.”