i remember what i said to you, you know. i remember the night, although it is blurred in my head. and it’s probably missing bits and pieces as well. i’m sure we were much louder than we thought, and your roommate probably woke up to our whispers. i can still feel you kissing down my spine and drawing your fingers down my sides and across my waist. YOU’RE KILLING ME!

i remember turning over and reaching up to touch your face. you know, the face i tell you not to shave. and you listen when you know you’ll be seeing me, because i like you that way. i like you, like you are. and we didn’t kiss, but i didn’t mind. i still don’t mind.

and when it was all over, my hand searched for your’s. and you curled your fingers into mine and rested your head into my neck and laughed. i brushed my other hand across your scruff again and asked what you were laughing at. and you said “you like my new muscles don’t you?” and i sleepily nodded and turned my head to face your’s and said “i like you just the same as always.” and you sighed and i felt your heart flutter a little more than usual. and that’s when i said it. my sleepy, stupid, drunken lips moved slowly around the words: “i really missed you.” and you breathed heavily and said “i know,” softly into my ear. and i closed my eyes contently and you said it back. you never say it back. ❤