songs need to stop making so much sense. they need to stop making me feel like i understand perfectly how the singer feels. i want this, this new idea of love, or some word similar to it. i don’t want to keep waiting around for my Something to get his shit into gear. he doesn’t talk, and i guess i get that he doesn’t want to be attached. okay, fair enough. but how am i supposed to feel? i haven’t been interested in a pursuer since… well since he was chasing me still. that’s a long time. and that’s okay, because i don’t want to be interested in anything that moves, i’m not that type of person.

as much as i want this to stay, he’s not trying anymore. the movies were unbearable last night, i put my head on his shoulder and i can feel his heart start to race, but he doesn’t dare move. so i give up, i move. and then he plays with his face the rest of the time. he wants to kiss me, but he wants me to initiate it. it’s so beyond me.

being a psychology major gets you no where in life. no where but down.