It’s officially the end of it. Today I watched a movie with a main character who had the same name as him. I didn’t realize it until the end of the movie, when the boy died and I said his name aloud in agony. Then all at once it hit me, and I just laughed to myself. That’s the moment I had been waiting for. For almost 6 dreadful months I had beaten myself up. But today was the best day in the world, just for the fact that when I thought of him, it didn’t sting. It finally didn’t sting, so there was no need to numb any emotions over. Would I be okay seeing him again? No, probably not like the others. This is a different kind of case. I still know the anger would be there if I saw him holding hands with the new object of his affection, but it wouldn’t be jealousy. I don’t hate him for loving who he does. No, I despise the lie he lives, but it’s no longer my problem. Why? Well because the sting is finally gone. That’s right, I want to say it once more just to grow this smile that sits on my lips. The. Sting. Is. Gone. ❤