i don’t remember it all. i just know that that was the most settling dream i’ve had in a long time: i left my usual group in the middle of a guitar session to chase after lee ann. suddenly i stopped, i don’t remember my reasoning, i wasn’t angry, i just wanted to be somewhere else. as i left the room another group of kids playing guitar were sitting around on couches. i smiled, they all turned in the opposite direction except for one. he smiled at me and motioned me over. i sat between him and another boy on this blue couch that looked just like the one that i had been sleeping on in reality. there was something about him that interested me. soon we became close and the rest of the group accepted me but the tension was still there. it’s almost as if we were competing for something when it came to music. then i had a montage! gotta love those. this boy was supposed to listen to one of my songs, but he had disappeared. others listened and enjoyed, but not him. finally he walked out onto the porch and sat next to me with a book in his hand as i played the bridge to my song, intently reading. “i’m sorry, i know i promised…” his voice trailed into a yawn. i stopped playing and looked up at him, shaking my head. “why don’t you go to bed?” “no, no, play!” i laughed as i watched him bite down on another yawn. “okay, i’ll play another day, come on, up to bed with you.” i helped him upstairs and asked if he’d be okay the rest of the way to his room. he shrugged and wouldn’t take his arm from my shoulders. i walked him the rest of the way, undid his bed and put him in it walking to the other side of the bed to kiss his forehead. his hand reached up towards my face and he stroked my cheek. “i should go.” i whispered. he nodded and then mumbled “but i’d rather you stay” a giggle escaped my lips as i took his hand, “of course you would, but i can’t” and with that i walked out of the room and woke up.