My best friend is dating this girl, he’s been dating this girl for quite some time. And you know, I’m fine with that. If she is what makes him happy then good, I want his happiness. But she’s the most selfish girl I have ever met. She hates me, not for legitimate reasons just because. She hates me because I steal him from her. Me!? I’m the person who hid him Valentine’s Day weekend so that he could end up at her doorstep at midnight with roses. Me. The one who wasn’t even her friend, but sat on the phone with her anyway because they were fighting and she was sure this would be the end. That’s right, me. The same one who then sat on the phone with him and reconvinced him that he loved this deranged girl who was so far from being a woman at all. But she swears it’s justified. He doesn’t see it though.

I so badly want to sit her down and smack some sense into this immature girl. I am the best friend. I will be there for him whether they get married or break up tomorrow. That means as long as he will have her, and vice versa she is stuck with me. And to me, I don’t see how anyone could be that girl in the relationship. I told him I would never be the friend who can’t be around the girlfriend because they hate each other. I promised I would never make him choose and as far as this has gone, I never have and I never will because I do love him. Not in the romantic “your girlfriend better hold on tight” way. But he’s my best friend, I love him like a best friend should. It just bothers me that this girl would have the audacity to say she loves him when she makes him choose everyday. Now, I don’t expect her to be buddy-buddy with me, geez, I’m not even looking for her to talk to me. But if you love this boy at all, don’t make rude remarks to him about me. Do that with your girlfriends. Actually, bad mouth me all you want, but not to him. Love him, don’t torture him… Please, I’m asking nicely.