What’s worse, is he doesn’t even grasp the emotion. Because even though I have been used and abused by so many men, I expected it from them. They made it very clear from the beginning that that’s all they really wanted. I’m not stupid, I know the difference between when a man wants me and when a man loves me. But he played me for a fool, a down right fool. To think he was thinking of someone else the whole time… that is something no man has ever done to me before. So he wins, even worse than cheating on me, he lied to me. He made up this elaborate lie that I was the woman he loved, the one of his dreams and he would never want to hurt me. Now sometimes I understand that feelings change and people make promises that they inevitably break, because nothing lasts forever and no one should ever say never. That should have been my wake up call in the beginning.

Oh but you win, you’ve hurt me so much more than the others. The whole reason I was cautious to begin with, you proved it. So thank you but no, I don’t want to meet him, you dirty lying piece of scum. I don’t even care if I’m the last woman in your life, find another friend. You’re a liar of love, my black and white boy would never hurt me so.