Ron Pope- Drop in the Ocean

There’s really nothing left to say about that black and white boy. He obviously wasn’t meant to be mine and it’s starting to feel less and less like love as time goes on. So perhaps he meant so much to me because I made him up to be this larger than life boy. But that’s the thing I’m starting to realize. He was merely a boy. “A boy who was trying to love a woman as if she was a little girl.” But it’s been weeks since I’ve spoken to him and I don’t hurt, I don’t wish to see him. He fights to put himself in situations where he knows he’ll see me, but I avoid him. He cannot love me and this other person at the same time, not really. And if I don’t really love him, then putting myself in the way of this other is just cruel. They can love each other, love each other and end up happy. That would make me happy, to know he’s doing well. So I guess in a strange way, I do love him, just not the way most would. I’d rather love him from afar, love his circumstance over him. So dear black and white boy, I do hope you’re doing well, love the gray girl.