Let’s not be silly, I want to see you. I know you’re on break and that you’re home, but I won’t try to make plans. I really wish you would.. Please, if you’ve never heard anything before, hear this: MAKE PLANS WITH ME!

Let me see your face again, I’d like to before I move..

You know, it’s not nearly as far as we had planned. I’ve been waiting to see you face to face to smile at you and say “You can’t get rid of me so easily” I know that would make you smile, my sarcasm always does that somehow. Actually, I just make you smile, don’t I? You can’t deny it when the smile is so plainly glued to your face when you see me. So come see me, show up at my house again. Love me a little longer than you had planned. I’ll allow it, even if that means I’ll hurt once your gone.

I bet I can look at your face now when you lift my chin and think about kissing me. I can look into your eyes and just smile. My heart might race and I bet you’ll feel it and laugh, but I know I can. I’ll challenge you. I lose, I kiss you, you lose, you kiss me. It’s a fair trade at best. Afraid yet? Yeah, me too but stop running. I’m going to stop running and I’ve never said that before. I said I would try, this time I’m saying that I won’t.