Technicolor Wolves

I’ve been dying for the stars. They’ve been out for the past few nights and I guess I never realized how much I missed them because of all the light pollution. I found myself just laying in the middle of the road unaware of the cars as the sped inches past my being. I’ve grown daring, or something stupid like that. I don’t know, I think it’s all the hype from this past weekend. I began to challenge the boys who flirt with me. I guess I’m just tired of feeling helpless and unaware. They don’t hate me for it, except when they realize that to me it’s just a game, for now anyway. When it comes to my black and white boy, it’s never a game though. Although I do tease him much more than I recall. If he denies his feelings, then I suppose it doesn’t matter whether or not I challenge them. Eh, but I’ll do it anyway.