Who Let Go new band I found, give them a listen.

I choose to move past this all.. I wrote him a note, since I won’t be giving it to him, I’ll give it to the general public to do with it what they wish..

I need you to understand something, I don’t want you to get mad but I have a feeling you will because here I am being frustrating again. I know. But you can’t do things like that to me, that’s not fair. You can’t cover me when I’m cold, touch my leg when we talk, or play with my hand like you used to. I watched you look at the ring. You can’t breathe in my hair and smile so I can feel it on the top of my head. Most of all, you can’t look at me like you’re going to kiss me, it made me nervous then and it makes me nervous now. Don’t give me butterflies, friends don’t do that. And don’t look at me like that! You know what I’m talking about. I’m not trying to be conceded but you’ve never given that face to any other girl in all the years I’ve known you, that’s my look. And you can’t tell me you don’t feel anything because you wouldn’t give me that look anymore if you didn’t feel anything towards me. And yeah, it bothers me because I still want to date. I don’t even care if it’s official, I just can’t be just your friend anymore because I guess I thought we were happy and I remember that feeling. I mean, I was happy. You made me happy. And I thought I made you happy, until you made it so very clear that I didn’t. Which is what I don’t understand. If I drive you that crazy, why come back now? I was doing really well. I stopped wanting to see you or text you, I stopped carrying around that damn tree that I’ve had with me since you gave it to me. I just stopped. I loved you enough to give you space, I loved you enough to try and fix it, and I loved you enough to try to be friends again. If you loved me at all, G-d, you’d just quit it! Either do something about it or stop doing it because I can’t keep getting these butterflies. You can’t keep doing things to get my hopes up because the aftermath really hurts me and I can’t hurt anymore.

funny how all of this works isn’t it?

“I love your face, your hair, regardless of your mood.”