Sunshine- Person L

Another thought to put your mind at ease: Have you ever had a daydream that felt so real that you’ve been afraid of it?

This morning I devised a scenario in my head. I was going to watch some of my boys play football and the thought crossed my mind as I stepped into the shower that my ex may be there. When I had agreed to such plans, he had never even stepped into my thought process. You see, that apparently comes with “getting over someone”, you don’t always think of them. Now, football tends to get rough and for some odd reason, I had convinced myself that he would get hurt. Everything was all planned out, I had thought of everything from seeing him as he crossed the bleachers to him pulling up in his car, seeing me and putting it in reverse as fast as he could. I was fearless, prepared. At least up until I wrapped my head around him getting an injury. They’ve done everything from splitting lips to breaking a leg in three places. When it comes to being safe, my boys all fail miserably. Him ignoring me I could handle, but being the nurse at the scene made me antsy. Here I would be left, forced to converse and fix a boy I hadn’t spoken to in weeks because I would fix him. I’d be damned if the fear of speaking to him would mean I would leave him to fend for himself. But the daydream went so much farther than that and I started to feel nauseous. What if he needed to get to the hospital? What if we needed an ambulance? Would they let me go with him? If not, I would claim to be his sister, that could be believable.. But then I wondered if that was a felony, lying to the paramedics? I would do it without question if need be. I had gotten myself so worked up that almost 40 minutes had passed with me just standing in front of the shower head as the water that slammed against my back grew colder.

Does that happen to anyone else? Does anyone else’s imagination run away with them so often? Just wondering.